Hosted Private VIF

How to connect an Amazon Direct Connect - Hosted Private VIF to VMware Cloud on AWS


In this guide we will be connecting your on-prem data center to your VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC


Before we get started, here is an overview video of what you will be doing

Login to and click to open your SDDC

Select SDDC

Now open another window and login to your partner portal

Login to both

Via the Direct Connect partner portal, build the DX service from the source (On-Premises) to the destination (VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC).

Build DX


Additional work may be required
There may be a need to build a “Last Mile” connection from the On-Premises location to the DX Partner service location (Point-of-Presence/PoP).

Most DX Partner portals will require some or all of the following information:

Select SDDC

Direct Connection Service Type

  • Public VIF – Leverages Public IP Addresses / Public BGP Autonomous System Number (ASN) since it is traditionally used to connect to AWS’ publicly accessible services (i.e. Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service).
  • Private VIF – Leverages Private IP Addresses / Private BGP Autonomous System Number (ASN) to connect to a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment.

AWS Connection Name

  • Arbitrary name for the DX connection being deployed; this will be displayed in the VMware Cloud on AWS Console.

    AWS Account ID

  • This is a numerical account identification that is associated with the AWS Account that VMware owns and uses to support the customer’s VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC environment:

Click on Networking and Security Tab, then go to Direct Connect in the left menu.

Copy the AWS Account ID

AWS Account id and ASN number

Enter the account ID in the partner portal direct connect configuration and click save

Enter Account ID

Now go back to the VMware Cloud on AWS portal and you will see the connection ready to accept. Click accept.

Hosted VIF attach

On the pop up screen

  1. Check that you understand the terms of the connection
  2. Click attach virtual interface

Hosted VIF Confirm

You will see the new connection as down for a few minutes.

Hosted VIF attaching

Click the refresh button until you see the connection as up with a green circle.

Hosted VIF Up

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