AWS with Private VIF

How to connect to your SDDC with AWS Private VIF


In this guide we will be connecting your on-prem data center to your VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC

Login to AWS and VMC


Login to both your AWS account and the VMware Cloud on AWS portal

Note: You need to login to the AWS account you used to deploy your VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC

Login to AWS and VMC

In the VMC portal, get the AWS Account ID for your SDDC

  1. Click on your SDDC

Select SDDC

  1. Click on the Networking and Security TAB then click on Direct Connect and note the account ID for next steps

AWS account ID

Now navigate to Direct Connect

Change Region

On the left of the portal, select Virtual Interfaces and click create Virtual Interface

Create VIF

Enter Virtual Interface Details as shown and click continue

Enter VIF details

Notice the status indicates Virtual Interface needs to be accepted

VIF Status

Go back to the VMC portal and you will see the new Vitual Interface

  1. Click attach

Attach VIF in VMC Portal

  1. Confirm to Attach Virtual Interface

Confirm Attach VIF

Go back to AWS Portal and notice the Virtual Interface is down

At this point, VIF is Attached to your SDDC. However it can take upto 10 min for the BGP session to become active

VIF Down

Go back to the VMC Portal and click refresh

You should now see advertised and learned BG routes, if after several minutes you do not see this go to next step

Refresh VIF in VMC Portal

  1. Go back to the AWS portal, select the new virtual interface, click the Actions dropdown and select download router config
  2. Choose the router type that matches your router and click download
  3. Send this to your network team to add this subinterface to your router

Add Sub-Interface to MPLS Router

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