Quick Start Guide

This guide is designed as a quick reference guide for those who are already familiar with the various tools which are in play here around Hugo, Brew, Git, VS Code.

Detailed Setup Guide

In this article we will go through the detailed instructions to setup your local copy of this repository in order for you to become a contributor, this article is designed for those who are not familiar with Hugo or Git. If you are familiar with these tools and you just want the quick start setup guide please follow this link Quick Start Guide

Contribution Style Guidelines

It is important to retain a consistent look and feel to the site, this can often be challenging with a number of contributors. Please reference this page as a guide to how an article should be written and some of the tools and formats which will help your articles obtain a consistent look and feel for those who are referencing the information on this site.

Submitting Feedback

This site is a living document and will need to be updated and changed over time as the service changes as well. Our goal is to enable users to easily submit feedback and update requests which our team will be able to address in a timely manner. Please follow the instruction in this guide to submit feedback for this site and help us keep it up to date.

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