Cloud Gateway

How to configure Cloud Gateway for VMware Cloud on AWS

In this guide we will be configuring the Cloud Gateway Appliance to setup Hybrid Linked Mode

CGW Overview


  • Your on-prem vCenter needs to be:

    • vSphere 6.0 Updatge 3 patch c or later
    • vSphere 6.5 patch d or later
  • NTP: Tolerate a time skew of up to 10 minuets

  • A VPN or a Direct Connect exists

  • Max Latency: 100 msec roundtrip

  • An On-Prem AD group which will be assigned Cloud Administrator Permmisions

  • Login credentials for a user who has a minimum of read-only access to the Based DN for uses and groups in your AD

  • On-premises DNS server configured

  • Cloud vCenter resolution should be set to resolve Private IP

  • On-Premises Firewall allows required ports

  • Management Firewall on the cloud side allows required ports

  • Ensure that you have the admin credentials for your on-premises vSphere SSO domain

The following are the ports that you will need opened on both your Management Gateway Firewall in VMware Cloud on AWS and you on-prem Firewall.

CGW Port Diagram

Login to the VMC portal

Then go to the VMware Cloud on AWS Service then click tools, and click to download the Cloud Gateway Appliance

CGW Download

Download the appliance to a machine that has access to your local vCenter

CGW Download Portal

Browse to the installer and run as administrator

CGW Installer

Click start

CGW Deploy Part 1

Enter vCenter information

  1. Enter your vCenter FQDN, user and password
  2. Click next

CGW Deploy Part 2

Select vCenter Folder for the appliance

CGW Deploy Part 3

Select Compute Resource

CGW Deploy Part 4

Setup Target appliance VM

  1. Enter a name and root password for the appliance
  2. Click next

CGW Deploy Part 5

Select Storage Location

  1. Choose a datastore
  2. Enable thin disk mode
  3. Click next

CGW Deploy Part 6

Enter Network Settings and click next

CGW Deploy Part 7

Configure NTP server and click next

CGW Deploy Part 8

Enter single Sign-On settings and click next

CGW Deploy Part 9

Join AD Domain

  1. Select to join AD domain
  2. Enter Domain and credentials
  3. Click Finish

CGW Deploy Part 10

Monitor Appliance deployment in vCenter

CGW Deploy Part 11

Go back to installer and click start

CGW Deployed

  1. Enter the VMware Cloud on AWS FQDN, user and password
  2. Click Finish

CGW Configure

Launch vCenter Client

CGW Linked

Login to Cloud Gateway

  1. Enter you local SSO credentials
  2. Click Login

CGW Login

Now you can view both your local vCenter objects and VMware Cloud on AWS onjects in the same client

CGW Setup Complete

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