Submitting Feedback

This site is a living document and will need to be updated and changed over time as the service changes as well. Our goal is to enable users to easily submit feedback and update requests which our team will be able to address in a timely manner. Please follow the instruction in this guide to submit feedback for this site and help us keep it up to date.

Submitting Feedback


GitHub Account Required to Submit Feedback

In order to submit feedback, you will need to have a GitHub account. If you don’t already have a GitHub account, you can create one here

Create documentation issue

  1. In the right hand section of the screen, click Create documentation issue Create documentation issue

Login to GitHub

  1. Log in to your GitHub account Create documentation issue

Submit Feedback

  1. Leave documentation issue title the default, which should be the name of the page you are submitting feedback for.
  2. Enter a detailed description of your feedback with enough information for our team to resolve any issues you may have found or build the content you are requesting.
  3. If needed, please attach any screenshots or additional files that may help us resolve your issue.
  4. Click Submit new issue Create documentation issue

Wait for ticket to be assigned and updated

  1. After submitting your feedback, please wait for the ticket to be assigned to a member of our team to receive status updates on your feedback or issue. Create documentation issue

Monitor updates and resolution of your feedback

  1. Wait for your feedback or issue to be assigned to a member of our team
  2. Monitor status of the feedback or issue while it’s being worked on
  3. You will be notified when our team has finished working on your feedback or issue
  4. The ticket will be closed when the feedback or issue has been taken care of Create documentation issue

Last modified July 13, 2020: fix indent (cc08941)