Workshop Manual

The VMware Cloud on AWS workshop is your chance to test drive this unique solution in the market place in a classroom session with VMware Cloud on AWS experts and work through hands on lab exercises to understand and gain experience with the solution to understand how it can be used in your business. The class is a one-day workshop in which we will set up a VMware SDDC environment in AWS, work through common administration activities of the platform and explore integrations with native AWS services and vRealize Suite solutions including vRealize Automation and vRealize Operations.

Workshop Details

Horizon Access

At the start of the workshop, your instructor will have given you logon details to use in a VMware Horizon session. In order to access details regarding how to connect to Horizon, you will have been directed to the following link to Student Access Instructions

VMware Cloud on AWS Org Access

You will also receive details from your instructor regarding how to access your VMware Cloud on AWS organization where you will be able to use and configure your SDDC solution in AWS. Your instructor will inform you of these details when you start the lab exercises.

Workshop Urls

Below are a list of the URLs you will use over the course of the lab exercises.

VMware Cloud on AWS Login

Swagger API Interface

AWS Console


Listed below are the lab exercises which are available as part of this experience day event. Please ensure that you complete the Working with your SDDC lab, the AWS Integration lab relies on sections of the Working with your SDDC lab to be completed. Please note that you will not be able to complete all of the content. For this reason we typically state that the first 3 labs listed below are mandatory lab content. After those labs are complete you can choose your own path. Please enjoy these labs, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to the VMware Cloud on AWS specialists in the room with you.

Working with your SDDC

In this lab we are going to start with looking at the basic tasks which you will perform in the VMware Cloud on AWS user interface when you are administering the platform.

AWS Integration

One of the most compelling reasons to adopt VMware Cloud on AWS is to integrate your existing systems which sit in your VMware Cloud environment, with application platforms which reside in your AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment. The integration which VMware and AWS have created allows for these services to communicate, for free, across a private network address space for services such as EC2 instances, which connect into subnets within a native AWS VPC, or with platform services which have the ability to connect to a VPC Endpoint, such as S3 Storage.

VMware Cloud on AWS APIs

In this lab exercise we will be showing how you can interact with the VMware Cloud on AWS platform through programmatic means. We will go through how we can use PowerShell as a means to interact with the Cloud Solution Platform as well as the vCenter instance. We will then delve into how we can interact with the VMware Cloud on AWS REST API and perform actions in both the integrated “Developer Center” view in the console, and also through popular third party and open source REST clients. For the purposes of our lab exercise we will be making use of “Postman” as our REST Client.

VMware Cloud on AWS HCX

In this lab exercise you will learn about Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX), Primarily this is a tool, bundled with VMware Cloud on AWS, which will allow you to bulk migrate workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS and significantly reduce the time and complexity of moving workloads into the public cloud sphere.

Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Lab

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