Student Access Instructions

Below are the instructions for Student Access to Customer Experience Day Labs

As VMware Cloud on AWS is a publicly accessible service, you are able to use your local browser on your laptop for the majority of the interactions you will make with the platform during this training class. This may be helpful if you are using non-english language regional settings. However there are modules in this lab that require using PowerShell and the API tool, Postman, if you are using a Mac and do not have Powershell Core installed or if you do not wish to install Postman, you will then need to use the provided Horizon Desktop session in order to complete these tasks. Please see the details on accessing this environment below.

Horizon Client Access

Download VMware Horizon Client for your OS

Downloaded the client and install.

Once you have the Horizon client running.

  1. Click the + button to add a new connection server.
  2. Enter the connection server name as
  3. You may be prompted to accept an un-trusted certificate, please do so.

You will now have a new Horizon session to connect to named please click on this connection and you will be presented with a login prompt for the desktop session you will use for the class.

Please use the credentials supplied to you by your Instructors

Horizon Web Access

You may also access the environment through a web browser, if you do not want to download a client onto your laptop.

Follow the steps below to access the desktop via the web browser

VMware Horizon HTML Portal Access

The Password for these desktops will be shared by the instructor.

SDDC Name VMC Console Login Student Number Horizon Login
Student-1 Student 1 student1@set.local
Student-2 Student 2 student2@set.local
Student-3 Student 3 student3@set.local
Student-4 Student 4 student4@set.local
Student-5 Student 5 student5@set.local
Student-6 Student 6 student6@set.local
Student-7 Student 7 student7@set.local
Student-8 Student 8 student8@set.local
Student-9 Student 9 student9@set.local
Student-10 Student 10 student10@set.local
Student-11 Student 11 student11@set.local
Student-12 Student 12 student12@set.local
Student-13 Student 13 student13@set.local
Student-14 Student 14 student14@set.local
Student-15 Student 15 student15@set.local
Student-16 Student 16 student16@set.local
Student-17 Student 17 student17@set.local
Student-18 Student 18 student18@set.local
Student-19 Student 19 student19@set.local
Student-20 Student 20 student20@set.local

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